Patient Advocate Network - P.A.N.
OMMP 13 - V2.0

...under revision/construction.

The KinShip Association is now scheduling appointment's to extend the Oregon Medical Marijuana act and it's privileges to potential card-holding CareProviders.

Know that as a "patient" you can only qualify by means of a chronic diagnosis or debilitating condition from your Doctor.

However, if you have half a will to be well and a heart connected to your head, you don't have to be chronic in order to participate in the OMMP as a Professional with the Columbia River ~ Care Provider's Association.


KinShip Care Providers are professional holistic individuals - unique in every-way !

Our Wellness Practitioners are skilled in applying alternative remedies to best suite your needs.

The  m-Scale  N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T. holistic approach, serves as a comprehensive scientific way to identify your best interest's.

This path is rooted in tradional forms of yoga and native folk wisdom, we can help bring balance into your life. 


Kanabous is only one of the fundamental resource's, which can play a catalytic role in assisting you with your well being. Slow down... life is going fast !

Develope the skill by which to administer such. 

Materials are available to assist you in defining your very own, personal "Wellness" Practice."

Our emphasis with organic alternatives, raw foods and herbology are foremost in devloping an approach towards pain management and personal growth.

Unlike most of Oregon's MMJ Clinic's & clubs today, we are not in the business of  "selling"  the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, nor do we associate "profits" with patients.

America is in a health crisis, we do not  compete for "market share" or your best interest, with a capitalistic mentality.

IMPORTANT !!! Under the auspice of "medical marijuana," corporatist tact is using the OMMP to commercialize, capitalize and profit from the epidemic of social ignorance, neurosis & illness today.

"Just say no"  to corporate "weed," regualtion, legalisation, taxation & commercial greed come November 6th, 2012 - measure 80, "no thank you." 

Become a well-informed candidate for true freedom ! Join an intelligent think tank for sovereign Oregon state Constitutional Card-holders.

Present full claim and raise your Legal Shield on behalf of the Garden Culture Home Economic Lifestyle !

An elegant exodus invites you to dream awake the falacies of materialism, greed, "time is money" and the sinking ship we call the corporataucracy.

Know the law and claim your Constitutional Rights   "Without Prejudice UCC1-207."

>>> Offered only through the OMMP13 KinShip Association >>>

+ Introducing: The OMMP v2.0 Columbia River ~ Care BROviders ~ Association +

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