Patient Advocate Network - P.A.N.
OMMP 13 - V2.0
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Improve Health, build Strength and extend our Life ~ Force  potential or "CHI."

Creating abundance and an "honest autonomy of economy" by which to manifest the highest quality of life possible - Crest 13.


  • Mirror, model and echo to the best of our ability, the achieved effort of the Ableza Medicine Center Association  which thrived in Tualatin Oregon from 1991-1999. Integrate traditional wisdom traditions with modern forms of "alternative healing," and "high ceremonies."

  • Understand and articulate the bio-chemical dynamics of DNA. Attune  chromosomes through amino acids activated by means of super raw foods, earth elements and modern science. Offer turn-key pain-management skills, knowledge programs & solutions.

  • Re-define the references to Cannabis Sativa defined by the Federal Controlled Substance Act as a narcotic related to methamphetamine's, heroin and prescription drugs.  "Pot, dope, weed & grass," are references used to defame, demean, and capitalize on ancient folk traditions and organic remedies used for centuries to heal and nuture the Earth and her people.          


  • Dispell and expose the social engineering agenda behind Nixon's "War on Drugs," and the police state of emergency - a conspiracy engineered behind closed doors to profit on the misfortune of others.
  • "Equalize the illusory economy of over-inflated values, false perceptions and crooked laws used to colonize and discredit indigenous peoples & folk traditions, as they relate to health, healing, environment and simple living."  

  • Model and develop professional standards to self-generate income and open doors to new business, fresh opportunities and creative endeavors.                       
  • Foster creative environment's, care facilities, wellness centers and retreats to encourage Self-Empowerment and build Self-Esteem.

  • Forward the appeal of OMMA to massage practitioner's and holistic care-providers. Establish a credible Care-Providers Assocation to represent the best interest's of those card-holders participating in Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program.
  • Co-create and support special events, activities, ceremonies and meaningful experiences exploring "Time as Art."

  • Secure land(s) or a homestead stewardship opportunity for dthe development of the KinShip Research Center for Wellness  and CREST  related home-based business endeavors.     
  • Decentralize the corporate game plan to monopolise, control and manipulate our home-based economy.  Watch for Trojan war hor$es & other auspicious corporate / governemnt campaign's to "legalise, tax & regulate" our food sources and sacred, healing herbs.
  • Expose all social political "train-hoppers," double agents and individuals with dual standards who exploit the flower power for commercial self-centered interest's ! Influential charlatans are mis-representing the OMMP and our California Compassionate Act, many of whom are sick with greed and far from recovery !  

  • Establish safe-haven retreat environment's for the full integration and realisation of O.M.M.M.P "Extended Virgin" Programs for PEACE, Home Economy & Bliss.

+ Introducing: The OMMP v2.0 Columbia River ~ Care BROviders ~ Association +

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