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Receiving a massage is an investment towards achieving an exceptional state of well-being. Transcending both physical, mental and emotional pain. Body work or the "laying on of hands," may be one of the most reliable methods for self-healing known to human-kind.

Massage is most effective as a method to assist in relaxation; Healing the nervous system and compensating subtle patterns of neurosis or anxiety.



What kind of massage is best for me?


First and foremost it is necessary to be comfortable with your body, "scan it" often. Through the self-reflective process begin your journey. Through means of awareness locate and determine what is happening in your body. Is your neck sore, does your back ache, do you experience any numbness in your body? Do you bruise easily or experience twitching? Are you flexible or stiff? What areas of your body do you want your therapist to be mindful of? What kind of sports or extracurricular activities do you enjoy or want to enjoy? What is your thresh-hold for pain? Would you like deep tissue adjustments in certain parts of your body?


Exploring the various types of massage which are best for you is half the fun, so enjoy your research!



Selecting a Therapist


After you have profiled your body and investigated the types of massage available, ask yourself, is this therapist a professional practitioner? Do they embody the fruit of the practice? Are they truly in good health? Do you feel comfortable in their presence?   


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Being Prepared


There are a few major points to consider before receiving a massage. The most important consideration is water. One will receive greater results if  plenty hydrated before and after your session. Since the emphasis of massage is to move and extract toxins and pain from your muscles, you will need plenty of fluid to assist in the elimination of lactic acid.


Allow yourself plenty of time before and after your session to fully appreciate your body. By all means, do not rush to or from your opportunity to receive the maximum benefit from your investment. Take time and clear your mind. Let your therapist know exactly what's going on in your body, and instruct them as to what you feel is best for YOU!



Why the Pain?


Sometimes a wee bit of pain can be experienced while releasing tension in your body. It's also the result of increased circulation and the transport or discharge of lactic acid.

Pain activates our intuition which alerts us to correct  discomfort and dis-ease. Within that process our immediate attention is localized into the source of the discomfort, and a quality of euphoria can be experienced as a result from the release. Pain activates the intuitive faculty of awareness, but only if we are listening.


Working consciously through this process teaches us to ask for help.   



The Best Time to Receive a Massage


Let's face it, unless you have a partner or someone who can trade time with you, message is expensive, yet well worth it! Ideally the best time to receive a massage is when you need it the most, and only you can tell. Monday's massage could help you overcome a challenging work week. Wednesday's message might help you over the hump. Thursday's massage prepares you for your Friday night date, while Saturday's massage helps you to maximize your weekend opportunity to relax.


You may also wish to consider the time of day that you will be receiving your massage. An early morning massage may put you to sleep and make it difficult to function throughout your day, while an evening session could be less effective because your therapist is burned out from having worked all day.


Massage is also a great way to catalyze some focused element of your healing effort or quicken a "fast", which may improve some aspect of your health. It is also a good way to prepare yourself to accomplish challenging tasks or big responsibilities. Entering into a new relationship or bringing closure to and existing partnership are excellent reasons to receive a massage. Important dates, stressful obligations or "strange encounters," may also compel you to see a therapist.


In any case, consider how you can extend the benefits of your healing and work to experience a deeper transformation.


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