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Jason G. Gibson - Sound Wave Therapist

Introducing Patient Advocate Networker (P.A.N. Agent 67) Jason G. Gibson. Jason's fundamental aesthetic practices were introduced to him while serving at the Sundance Tiospaye of Ableza, a Native American Healing Center established in West Linn Oregon from 1992-1999. Jason is well-educated and has traveled extensively. In 1995-1996 he was introduced to the work of Dr. Jose' Arguelles and was fortunate enough to serve directly under his wing from 1998-2001, while volunteering at the PAN Urban Art Gallery in downtown NW Portland (Flanders and 6th street). Living in the forested regions of the greater Columbia River Gorge basin, his fundamental practice involved extensive sadhana into the Discovery of the Law of Time, Yoga (Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa), Tensegrity, Shamatha Meditation, Raw Foods, Juice Enzyme Therapy & Herbology. Jason has completed 2 Vipassana (10 day intensive retreats) & plans to return to Thailand in order to train extensively in the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage method. Next to Mr. Jan Kemp, Jason is one of the most consistent standing male practitioners of Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga in Hood River. While working as a Hydro-therapist and bath house attendant in Carson Wa. from 2004-2007, Jason discovered the healing potential of water. He usually takes a seasonal sabbatical to train in Watsu water therapy & is developing his skills with topical uses of herbs through a practice called Raindrop Therapy, developed by Gary Young. Jason is interested in applying organic alternatives for pain, discomfort, pleasure and healing. This training enables him to attend special events, tribal gatherings, sundances, prayer meeting's & Holy Day ceremonies alike. He lives an active life in Hood River, contributes to the art scene throughout the Columbia Basin and rides the song lines of ocean ministries with the PAN Native Amorikan Chruch. His goal is to establish a credible approach to holistic care, coupled by new economic values, terms, currencies and language to legitimize Xamanism in the 21st century.

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