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Oregonian questions the intent of Measure 74
29 Jul 2010

RE: Whole Systems and a Comprehensive Over-View... from plants to Humans.

Mr. Camp although your initial response to the Oregonians article is well written, your response to the Oregonian's article reveals to me that your consciousness is still entrenched in ye ol' paradigm of prohibition.

Historical evidence clearly shows that Kanabous is one of the building blocks of the world's greatest civilizations. When you reefer to Kanabous as "p.o.t., weed" and the like you are essentially reinforcing the idea that marijuana is a drug rather than a sacrament. It's clear to me that the influential characters within this movement have yet to fully integrate the holistic facets of Cannabis Conscience, and quite clearly miss the mark when representing OMMA's original intent.

I am convinced that the Oregonian and perhaps law enforcement have a point in that the OMMP Program being 12 years ol' has yet to mature into it's 13th year, and is sill being misrepresented to this day. The intent behind OMA (Original Matrix Attained) is to provide relief and support to a fractured social fabric of misfits subject to a failing belief system(s), an illusory sense of economy,
materialistic values and a paradigm of scarcity where "time is money." Today's work-week leaves little if any room for self-development, healing, or whole-body integration of the senses... which have all been grossly distorted.

It certainly doesn't take a genius to note that America in it's obesity is unconsciously perpetuating a profound sense of social isolation, dysfunction and sickness due to a blatant disregard for Natural Law.

The OMMP is well written, requiring a fundamental relationship between patient, caregiver and master gardener or "grow~her." It's designed to create a support system and alternative (affordable) holistic alternative to the current paradigm, by and large over-looked by the cannabis corps as well as today's so called "health care" industry.

Within the parameters of the law, Cannabis today is legal! I-28 should catalyze and compliment the existing program but only within a holistic perspective of SELF-CARE. As it stands, those players claiming to represent the Movement are by and large sick themselves or have yet to experience and explore the depth that herbs, raw foods, yoga and massage have to offer.

The only reason Cannabis has market value today is because we the folk have designated it's usage as Sacred since time immemorial! Law enforcement has an interest in equalizing our efforts to protect the youth from those ignorant p.o.t. heads without "common sensie," and ward off any further distortion, misrepresentation, or abuse of what little is left of Kanabous Culture.

According to the Law of Time (www.lawoftime.org) the biomass of humans today are at odds with the biosphere-noosphere transition. While the technosphere is collapsing under the influence of stellar excitation, the nervous system of human civilization is by and large underdeveloped and immature due to a fundamental disconnection from Natural Time, brought about by crack-pots, dopes and those neurotic weeds "out of time." p.o.t = "patients out of time" = 12:60 = "time is money" = flat lands and so on...

wit' Highest Regards,

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Jason G. Gibson
P.A.N. Agent 67

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