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Measure 80 - Nov. 6th 2012
25 Jun 2012

Posted by Bud Justice...

"Ann Dupont, you and all of your J. Reynold Associates are hereby fired for funding this mess in the first place, as they are now poised to covet and capitalize on the legalization and taxation efforts of corporate clowns who profit at the expense of the biosphere."

"Once a product becomes a commodity, it becomes about making money, not healing..." Big truth here @dand1987!"

"Most of those "dealing" in the OMMP today have no or little understanding of pain management. Despite their good works and lofty intentions, they do not assign or advocate the proper administration of this herb within a wholistic context. In fact, when approached by a legitimate & intelligent intent to assist and facilitate such, most of the dispensaries and dealers shun from embracing any cooperative effort to serve the best interest's of patients, who are by and large viewed as "market share."

The competition to serve this market share resembles the same sickness that the OMMP was designed to serve, which starts in the mental sphere before externalizing itself in the body as pain or illness. All healing begins from within, starting in the mind.

"Meet the new boss, same as ye' ol boss..." root of the Root, let's get to the bottom of it! Unfortunately corporate capitalist's appear poised for the ultimate take-over of one of the oldest and ageless folk remedies known to mankind.

The business model that James Bowman, Paul Stanford, Casper Leech, Madeline Martinez, Anthony Johnson, Paul Looney, John Sajo and the rest of the advocate imperial "pushers," is fraught in a fundamental error which seeks to profit at the expense of future generations. Do not rest assured, their intent will go "viral." If the "time is money," 12:60 program succeeds & these corporate artificial tinker thinkers get their way, the human element of the OMMP which has yet to flower in it's fullness, will certainly be derailed at the expense of a Garden Cultured Economy, where "time is valued through art."

Kanabous has catalyzed a great uprising in creativity and could stand to really bring people together in a firm resolve to create a new state of collective interest. Anchored in personal development, creative barter/exchange, compassion and holistic values, the OMMP could be the ultimate remedy & game plan for our country! As it stands we live in a dangerous time and a head space of war, conflict, social mistrust & NEUROSIS. Take your eye's out of your pocket book and look at the big picture for Christ sake!

I invite any one of you with half a will to join me for a live webinar bein' to discuss any and all creative alternatives to this program... Imagine Riverhour Currency, Kinship Gardens, Time-Sharing, Kin-Credits, Eco-teams, Nano-Gardens, AlterNative Energy and the Solar Age of 2013."

THANK YOU :~>>>))

Bud G. Justice - P.A.N. Agent 67

Sunday Oregonian

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