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'Call for Wat Pho to be "Memory of the World'
28 Feb 2007

by Anuraj Manibhandu

The call for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) to recognise Wat Pho's inscriptions as a 'Memory of the World' brings a certain pride, and helps build a sense of nationhood far more effectively than stirring up feelings of acrimony against a neighbor.

The Cultural Ministry's bid for a wide range of Thai Wisdom - much of it inscribed upon sheets of gold, silver and marble - to be listed as part of the Unesco Memory of the World Programme, shores up the belief that the Thai people excel in certain fields.

The news helps lift the veil of gloom during a time of many woes and builds our confidence in what can be done. The ministry proposes that Unesco recognise as part of the programme the records of Buddhist teachings, literary works, traditional medicine, and hermit postures - developed to treat muscle pain caused by lengthy meditation.

...and so on.

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