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Ganja Yoga

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Yogis have been using cannabis to enhance spiritual practice for millennia. In Ganja Yoga (Harper Collins), certified yoga instructor Dee Dussault takes this ancient practice mainstream. 

Ganja Yoga isn't just mixing cannabis and exercise; it is a rite that makes conscious relaxation an intentional act that can be enhanced with practice - a lifestyle to help you create a more harmonious and stress free world.

In Ganja Yoga, Dee uncovers the long history of cannabis and spiritual practice in Eurasia and explores ample scientific data supporting cannabis and yoga as key medicines for mental and physical well-being. She also explains how to assume this altered state in a safe, energizing way and how to select the best setting, time, method of consumption, strains, poses and breathing techniques to induce a mellow experience.

Suitable for beginners and sages alike, Ganja Yoga is a valuable sourcebook for reaching a new spiritual high.

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