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A Church for Individual Life & Liberty (CH.I.L.L.)

Welcome - you've now entered into the CH.I.L.L zone with Compassionate Care "BROviders," Holistic Personal Trainers, Mind~Body Practitioners and Card-holding OMMP 67 Patients alike. Are you ready to GROW your own from home? Inquire about our Peace and Planting projects and prepare to receive the Galactic Culture "New Time Economy" Master Plan.


Welcome aboard TimeShip Earth 2020. There are two wings to this KinShip Vision, one serves as a Patient Advocate Network, the other as a Planet Art Network.

PAN AmoriKan Orphans new to this site are initiated as Planetary Kin By adopting a Galalctic Signature they are woven into the "Earth Family Matrix" by means of Natural Time (13:28). The Grail Quest for the missing moon in motion is actually a "real-life role playing adventure game" for freedom which requires an autonomy of economy from the 12:60 corporate world of regression and self-destruction.

With your Thirteen Moon Calendar Compass to the Great Mystery, enter into the "Snynchronic Order"  to redeem the lost keys of Cosmic History and prepare for lift-off!

Are you for R.E.A.L. ?

  • Responsible
  • Educated
  • Active &
  • Legal

Responsibility implies that you and YOU ALONE are responsible for your own actions, thoughts and words. ... the prerequisite play starts with integrity. Say what you mean and mean only what you say. Do your words have merit? Are you clear? Can you follow-through and "target" intent? Honoring your agreements? Can you be professional & discreet? Do you THINK before acting? Are you self-motivated & prepared to be self-employed?

OMA Patient's, Holistic Practitioner's & Artist's alike, who want to become an OMMP Care-Giving Provider on board the KinShip, are expected to first and foremost be responsible in caring for oneself before attempting to offer quality-care for others. Start by asking yourself "do I live what I believe ?"

Balance in today's world is the key... organize time for your personal practice and define it through daily discipline.  Establish your life style and we can assist you with the resources, tools, knowledge, fellowship, motivation to assist you in migrating to your very own home based business.

This is not a "job opportunity" but a professional life-style requiring daily discipline, self motivation, contemplation and above all your own effort!

Education  is a life-long endeavor and an inner-personal journey. In this case we are specifically referring to the establishment of a particular quality of mental hygiene. Communication & good will should be the fruits of a well informed individual. Over-all, "do unto others as you would have done unto you." 

Kin Ship Compassion Providers are Holistic Wellness Practitioners operating by a principal of harmonic values derived from indigenous wisdom and an ancient fraternal order of affairs. Regulated by the Synchronic Order of Natural Time, the 13:28 timing frequency reformulates the human mind to harmonic principles rooted in Natural Law - Discover the Law of Time!

This "on-line" aesthetic orientation to the CH.I.L.L. zone is a gift. Enjoy your exploration into the Invisible College and enroll in the "Self-study Pilot Program" by requesting your 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar today, it's free.

Remember, Natural Law are ethical codes of Natural Time which define values. Establish healthy relationships and shape the conduct which keeps you and others safe from bad business by returning to the Common Law of Nature.  

Activity  begins by assessing the quality of your relationship's and the experience's you have had and wish to have. Start with your health, take an honest inventory and look inside. Are you really GETTING IT? Do you know how to live in harmony with the earth? Are you at peace with who you are in relationship to others ? Are you living an active life-style? Can you afford to travel in comfort?

Legal like an EagleAre you still using the same black market "controlled substance cliche's" when it comes to communicating the value to be had under OMMP Law? Are ready to over grow the belief that "time is money" and transcend the old paradigm of scarcity and fear? 

Oregon's Medical Marijuana Act (measure 67) along with California's Compassionate Act Prop 215, and the state of Washington's measure 692, are by and large providing a great deal of relief to an ailing social fabric rooted in economic despair. All three measures are "encoded" by the Synchronic Order of Natural Law, and designed to assist you with building confidence and rapport with your home business affairs. 

First and foremost, nothing is "for sale" under the OMA. When in comes to the proper administration of medicine bundles to patients, we skillfully apply m-Scale and the Gorge Wellness N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T. formula available through this web site. 

By means of personal practice, discipline and skills we offer measurable results to those we serve while testing ourselves and each other throughout the process. In other words, we care about each other, our Patients and the relationships that we form.

Our bio-regional garden culture game plan is a R>E>A>L Life strategy and a serious "game of prophecy." We offer opportunities and meaningful alternatives to the prevailing falsehood of today's war economy which profits by the misfortune of others. This is a viable "bailout" to economic slavery and the corporate state which profits by it.

Oregon's Medical Marijuana Act (measure 67) along with California's Compassionate Act (prop 215) and the state of Washington's measure (ME 692) are by and large providing a great deal of relief to an ailing economy. All three measure's are encoded and designed to assist you with building confidence and rapport in your home business affairs.

There's Great Mystery in Hemp history ! Mind the code, know your Constitution & claim your rights ! Claim, maintain, proclaim and become a Natural Born Citizen under article III. Artificial citizens are corporate subject's of ye ol' order of empirical colonization... free UP Free Man ! 

Roots, rights, privileges and responsibilities - know the difference ?

This is your ticket to the OMMP Legal Eagle Speak Easy Forum, which will soon accompany your KinShip Garden Culture Home Economic benefit package; Stay tuned there's much more to come !

 With our  OMMP Legal Shield Quickstart Membership Guide  you have access to an attorney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of your questions and concerns can be put to rest with one simple phone call. The Cascadia Cannabis Defense Coalition is here to support you, contact us today.

+ Introducing: The OMMP v2.0 Columbia River ~ Care BROviders ~ Association +

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