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Patient Advocate Network - P.A.N.
O.M.M.P. 19 - V2.0
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Improve health, stabilize social neurosis, build strength and bridge human relations through an "honest autonomy of economy."

Manifest the highest quality of life possible without selling your soul! 



  • Mirror, model and echo to the best of our ability, the achieved effort of the Ableza Medicine Center Association  which thrived in West Linn/Tualatin Oregon from 1991 - 1999.

    Integrate traditional wisdom traditions through modern forms of "alternative healing," and "high ceremonies."

  • Understand and articulate the biochemical dynamics of DNA. Attune  chromosomes through amino acids activated by means of super raw foods, earth elements and modern science. Offer turnkey pain-management skills, knowledge programs & solutions.

  • Re-define all references to hemp cannabis. Thanks to Nixon's Drug War, the Federal Controlled Substance Act outlaws marijuana as a narcotic, Scheduled as Class I along with methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drugs like opiates. 

    "Pot, dope, weed & grass" are references used to defame, demean, criminalize and capitalize on ancient folk culture and our medicine traditions. Organic remedies used for centuries to heal and nurture the Earth and her people have been outlawed by the federal government since 1937!  YOUR GOVERNMENT(S) ARE LYING... 
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  • Dis-spell and expose the social engineering agenda behind Nixon's  "War on Drugs," and the police state of perpetual emergency - a deep state conspiracy engineered behind closed doors to profit on the misfortune of the folk.
  • Equalize the illusory economy of over-inflated values, false perceptions and crooked laws used to colonize and discredit indigenous peoples & folk traditions as they relate to health, healing, environment and simple living.  

  • Model and develop professional standards to self-generate income and open doors to new business, fresh opportunities and creative endeavors.                       
  • Foster creative environment's, care facilities, wellness centers and retreats to encourage Self-Empowerment and build Self-Esteem.

  • Forward the appeal of OMMA to massage practitioner's and holistic care-providers. Establish a credible Care-Providers Association to represent the best interest's of those card-holders participating in Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program.
  • Co-create and support special events, activities, ceremonies and meaningful experiences exploring "Time as Art."

  • Secure land(s) or a homestead stewardship opportunity for the development of the KinShip Research Center for Wellness  and CREST related home-based business endeavors.     
  • Decentralize the corporate game plan to monopolize, control and manipulate our home-based economy.  Watch for Trojan war hor$es & other auspicious corporate / government campaigns to "legalize, tax & regulate" our food sources and sacred, healing herbs.
  • Expose all social political "train-hoppers," double agents and individuals with dual standards who exploit the flower power for commercial self-centered interest's ! Influential charlatans are misrepresenting the OMMP and our California Compassionate Act, many of whom are sick with greed and far from recovery !  

  • Establish safe-haven retreat environment's for the full integration and realization of O.M.M.P "Extended Virgin" Programs for PEACE, Home Economy, Balance & Bliss.

+ Introducing: The OMMP v2.0 Columbia River ~ Care BROviders ~ Association +

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