Patient Advocate Network - P.A.N.
O.M.M.P. 19 - V2.0

"How can I best chart a course of action to optimize my pleasure and refine my experience."

Authentic healing requires time and patience. This process calls upon us to tap into our intuition, and deepest inner strength. Pace yourself, know your body, and have patience. This is a thoughtful process. Take a good look at your inventory of skills and be open and honest about your short-coming's. 

Enganging a personel growth practice encourages a gentle and loving approach to evaluating an effective direction... producing authentic results. 

We invite you to chart a N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T. course of action with one of our Wellness Wizards and remember...

... profound benefits and transformations often occur gradually and subtly. There are no quick fix schemes, services, pills, supplements or short cuts to optimize your health and refine your senses. It is your own will to persevere "alone," through change and inner-personal transformation that reaps the rewards.

Here you will find a consortium of related interest's, aesthetic disciplines and alternative health care practices; People just like you taking responsibility for their own health, or lack of it.

Chances are there is a local  Wellness Practitioner, a specialist or even a friend who can help and is ready and willing to "time-share" with you. Enjoy your research and choose a discipline that best suites your life-style, or choose none at all and just be happy :)

What's best for you?

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