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Ablaeza Medicine Center for Wellness 1991-1999
We are the Seeds of Ablaeza...

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To provide progressive communities with a comprehensive

network of holistic healers (to include

traditional and conventional health practitioners alike),

who share a high level of integrity, dedication and





We create bridges between holistic health practitioners

and clients from diverse backgrounds and disciplines 

through dialog, team building, ceremonies and 

"Natural-Time Retreats."



From 1991-1999 the Tiospaye of Ableaza served as a social

form vehicle for the exploration of indigenous wisdom. This

"Natural Time Retreat Center" was established in the rural

countryside of West Linn  10th street, at a personal

residence (Loop Road) located on the Willamette River in 

Clackamas County Oregon.



Our primary caretakers were Good Horse & Sweet 

 Medicine Nationalong with Two Foxes Singing or Numpa

  Lu.  Legend has it that it was Grandpa Martin High Bear

who over looked and transmitted the integrity of these




Today, there is an active group of 

Red Wind aesthetic practitioners committed to

"living roots," who preserve the integrity of the traditional

Sun Dance performed by the Lakota Sioux.



This community facilitates, support's & sponsors 

periodic gathering's and seasonal meeting's. Inipi ceremonies

and purification rites are the primary focus of group activity,

and are frequently attended by a number of folks from

diverse backgrounds. (html bug)


"A deep emphasis is placed on purification, healing,

personal growth, sensibility and awareness..."



Preparation and training occurs throughout the year for

special events, group activities and retreats. 

Hambleche (Vision Quest) Sundance Ceremonies are 

two of the rites which serve to concentrate the

collective will of the community throughout the year.

Various activities and formal initiations are performed

during cross quarters to synchronize people through

solar and lunar cycles. Holiday's, birthdays and prayer

requests are also observed throughout the year.



Ableaza also offered retreats and support/assistance with

special events, holidays, weddings, funerals & services for

veterans, elders and youth alike.



Although the association directory is outdated, it  demonstrates the diverse talent pool of folk who supported

each other and the over-all effort(s) in taking good care of one self and one another. As we have matured throughout the years,various social forms have splintered into focus groups such as the Four Winds Foundation and the Red Wind

Society, located in Sandy Oregon. Along with various

nodes of the P.A.N Native Amerikan church  

based throughout the Cascadia Bioregion, wcarry on with

The Great Work(html script error)  



The service's, song's, prayer's and training

provided through the Ableaza Association of Alternative

Medicine Practitioners stream throughout the

social fabric of cultured communities today (in the Portland

metro area and beyond).



This social magnetism would prove to be the catalytic

magnet which attracted one of the

most powerful ToNiC influences of our time.

That force is the Telektonon Power of Prophecy

& The Art of Love, embodied by two psycho-mythic

characters - Valum Votan and Bolon Ik.

(Brightwood Oregon 1997-2001)


Introducing: Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles

In Loving Memory Thereof...

The Prophecy of Nah' Chan and Pakal Wotan is preserved herein, along with the HEad stash and hidden truth of the Great Pacific Northwest Mystery of Tomonowowoes. We are the "Hunab Crew" of the "Sixth Sun," Baktun 14 - New Age of the Sun Dragon... 


To Witness: Jason Garrett Gibson - P.A.N. Agent 67 - AVotan IV

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