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Women in Balance Women in Balance

Women in Balance (WIB) is a national non-profit association of women, doctors, health care professionals and organizations dedicated to helping women achieve hormone balance.

We founded Women in Balance to educate women and the health care community about hormone imbalance, and its impact on a woman's health and well-being as she ages.

We are the only non-profit that is focused on addressing these issues for women, without bias or affiliation.

Hawthorne Herb Shop Hawthorne Herb Shop

Traditional Medicine for a Modern Time...

Native Ways Native Ways

Woape integrates diverse indoor learning opportunities and outdoor wilderness classrooms to offer individuals the opportunity to learn about themselves and others through meaningful experiences and activities.

Otherwise known as the Red Wind Community, Woape is an off-shoot of the Tiospaye of Ableaza (1992-1999), see our "mission" link for details.

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